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Dr Dolf Steyn is a freelancer that has implemented Learning Management Systems while at Deloitte Consulting, developed software at BB&A, changed learning modules into fully on-line offerings, wrote manuals, taught Project mangement, Systems design, Critical thinking, multiple management subjects and yet a few others while also supervising M & D students. He has served on commissions and advisory boards and has worked internationally, mostly on Higher Education related projects. Previously he served as director for teaching and learning with technology and later as MD and campus director for a multi campus private university. Right now he is busy with a piece of BA and process design work for TUT on a new on-line Masters degree.

Consequently, he has a broad base of understanding of systems requirements, design, implementation and the related user and management challenges.

Keynote title: Is big data a DNA or a diet problem? Either way it does not fit comfortably yet. 

A story about dogs & tails, forests & trees and the underutilisation of mathematical prowess. The unprecedented growth in the fields of IS and CS results in a myriad of sub-disciplines that need to seamlessly interact to serve the needs of an ever more entitled user populous.  Artificial intelligence and robotics, Big data analytics, Computer-assisted education, Bioinformatics and Cyber security are quoted in a Harvard business review as the top 5 trends in the field for 2019.  While the usability and impact of each of these are typically dealt with extensively, the “why” is often buried under multiple layers of “how”. This talk does not intend to propose absolute answers, but aims to raise awareness and alignment in focus.